Starring The Original Eleven Manners of Norwalk, Connecticut

William, Ande, Julie, Jane, Tracy

David X, Ruth Ann, Paul, Jon, Mike, Tim

with appearances by the entire extended Family

The clan gathers at the Silvermine Tavern for DXM's 90th Birthday

In 1998, David X Manners spent many long hours locating, compiling, captioning, and photocopying a handmade book.

It chronicles a lot of the history of both his family and Ruth Ann's. From Ehrenbergs, Rosenbergs, Shildhaus's, Bauers, Millers, and many other branches, he created a thread to connect them all. He presented each son with a copy of "Our Family" in late 1998. 

Recently, my son, Evan, expressed interest in learning more about his roots. I decided to scan my copy of OUR FAMILY, so he could have a copy for himself. As I was scanning and reading the pages, I realized that there were probably a lot of other people who should see this book.

I have created two versions in Adobe PDF format that can be read on any computer. The only difference between the two versions is that one is low resolution that is very clear on a computer screen, and the file size is only 20 Megabytes. The other version is higher resolution so that it can be used to print out a pretty good paper copy of the book . It's about 170 megabytes, though, so downloading it from the internet would take you a long time.  I have made both copies available for download, but if you don't intend to print it out, I strongly advise you to download the smaller, low resolution version.

OUR FAMILY - The book


I recently found some cassette tapes that my mother had carefully tucked into a dresser drawer. One of them is a recording of a November 1974 visit with her father, Dr. George F. Bauer, a.k.a. "Great Bauer" and his second wife, Georgia, a.k.a. "Granny".  The second is a cassette copy of what must have originally been a shellac 78 of her father's retirement farewell sermon from 1953. Through the wonders of digital audio restoration, I have been able to restore the audio from these tapes to where they sound pretty good. I highly recommend that you RIGHT CLICK on the links to the files and save them to your own computer before listening to them.

The first tape, is the 1974 visit in Ft. Meyers Florida featuring the voices of Dr. George F. Bauer, Georgia Bauer, David X Manners and Ruth Ann (Bauer) Manners...

November 1974 Visit with Great Bauer - Granny Bauer - David X Manners - Ruth Ann Manners.mp3

The second tape is Dr. Bauer's July 26, 1953 farewell sermon...

Farewell Sermon 7-26-1953.mp3


At the recent memorial gathering for Ruth Ann, Cousin Barbara Bauer Sadovnic told me that she had a couple of reel-to-reel tapes of Grandfather Bauer, too. Somehow, I talked her into mailing them to me so I could make digital copies and post them here. They were in pretty good shape, and didn't need nearly as much tweaking as the cassettes I found. The first is from a visit, with a very young Brian Bauer interviewing Grandpa Bauer about his youth, and living on the farm.

Brian and Grandpa Bauer 1967.mp3

The second tape has a great introduction by Brian Bauer, and is of Grandfather Bauer reading one of his favorite sermons. The subject is, FORGIVENESS. I wonder if perhaps THIS is the sermon that Grandpa said he accidentally threw out in the 1974 visit with David and Ruth Ann...

Sermon on Forgiveness - 1967.mp3


In 1991, Jane Manners and Bob Sacchetti undertook a very large project. They interviewed and videotaped brothers William Manners and David X Manners about things they had done, and what they experienced in every decade of the 20th century. The result is a fascinating 2 hour documentary. You can see the film in it's entirety online. Just click this link!

Willie & Dave - Two 20th Century Guys Tell Their Story


Coming attractions:

I have a copy of Father and the Angels by William Manners. It is a book he wrote about growing up the son of a Rabbi. A family classic!

I'll be scanning the complete book and posting it on this website as a downloadable PDF  that you will be able to either read on your computer, or print out. I'm not sure when this will be available, so check back periodically. You won't want to miss this!


David & Ruth Ann


Ruth Ann's Birthday - 2001   Christmas Day in Norwalk/Westport 

Thanksgiving 2001 report from Ruth Ann & Dave   Thanksgiving in Norwalk 2002    

Mother's day 2001 photos        House Beautiful Magazine Cover Story

DXM turns N I N E T Y ! ! !

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Jonathan & Connie Halpern-Manners


Rock A Day Jonny      Jon and Nick in California   Jon Builds a New Guitar


Mike & Kathy Manners

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Tim & Beth Manners

 Beth, Tim, Holly & Spencer


Jane Manners

Jane Sam & Emma    more photos from JANE!!!


Betsy Bauer Klinger

Betsy Bauer Klinger


Norma Harper Gorsuch 


Norma & Ed Gorsuch     Judy & Norma's Visit


The photo below on the left is is  Sarah Hannah Zwick with hubby Woolf Ehrenberg. They are DXM's grandparents, and  my great-grandparents. The photo on the right is Favush and Hannah Ehrenberg. Favush was the father of Woolf, making him DXM's great-grandfather and my great-great-grandparents.    - Linda Anderson  

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Julie & Mikeee hangin' out


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