Betsy Bauer Klinger is the middle child of Adair and George Bauer Jr. - I forget if she is a year older or a year younger than me. It really doesn't matter nearly as much as it might have when we were 10. I do remember that she could run really fast!!! - Dr. George Bauer Sr. (a.k.a. Great Bauer) was the father of both Betsy's father, George Junior, and Ruth Ann Bauer, my mother, who later married and became Ruth Ann Manners. Betsy recently sent along these photos of her family. I last saw Betsy when she and John Klinger were married in her family's very grand house in Middletown Ohio. 



Betsy and John


L to R, is Nathaniel, 20, who likes books and computers, John, 50,
who also likes computers, Jane, 12, who likes everything, especially talking,
and David, 17, musician-artist-athlete. 


Here they are in a more cooperative pose... Nice looking group!