Mikeee's Archive (Guaranteed more exciting than Al Capone's Vault!)

I have tons of ancient history to reveal - a little at a time. I'll be happy to make additional special pages for anyone who wants one. Just send me some material and I'll take it from there! Digital images should be at least 100 dpi and 640x 480 in size if possible. I'll resize from that. If you have stuff for the website and no way to make it digital, mail it to me. I'll scan it and send the originals right back to you. Clear photocopies of report cards, handwritten poems, and other documents are also useable. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you have. So is everyone else!!!

Your Host, 

Mikeee (circa 195...)

Kissing a Bunny at Uncle Sy's farm in Wurtsboro, NY

I live in Middletown, CT along with my wife Kathy, and Son, Evan. Kathy also has a grown son, Robert.

Here are some shots from Mom's birthday a few years ago...

  With Emma    With Granddaughter Holly

Links to more pictures:

Evan - Old Lyme - 1986?      Evan Bath - 1992     Evan Playground

My Aunt Sophie & Cousin Norma with Evan  

My Old Man - 1959

Note: The photo "My Old Man" is a scan of the introduction page from "Home Improvements You Can Do" which was published by Fawcett in 1959. The cover price was 75 cents! The radial arm saw that DXM is posing with, is a DeWalt, supplied to him by that company many years ago for promotional purposes - Possibly for that very picture. Anyway... more than 40 years and thousands of projects later, he still has that same saw and it still works perfectly. The DeWalt company has offered several times over the years to replace it with newer models at no cost. They wanted photos in articles and books by DXM to show their latest offerings, not this antique! Much to their chagrin, DXM turned them down each time, saying he thought the old one was superior to their newer (and no longer cast iron) saws.