Spice Rack

One of the hideous features of our kitchen was a spice rack that was set into the wall next to the stove. Just like all the other things the former owners had built, the rack was a symphony of sour notes. It was built with very rough, used, scraps of plywood, and evidently, without the benefit of a ruler, a square, a level ...or a plan.

The first thing I did was rip out the old spice rack. That's our chimney in the opening. You can see the outline of the old rack. I enlarged the opening upwards to allow for more shelves, and so the lower shelves could be taller.

The bottom shelf of the new rack has an extended lip, so that as we are cooking, we can temporarily set down spices that are in use. The new spice rack is all made from oak.

Here are a couple of shots Kathy took as I assembled the rack down in the workshop. The rack ultimately gets a light stain, followed by several coats of "satin finish" urethane spar varnish to protect it and make it easy to keep clean.


Much, much better!